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    Working with engineers, municipalities, contractors and distributors to provide professional, cost effective solutions

    Plumbing  |  Municipal  |  Industrial

  • Price Marketing, Inc.

    Providing drainage, piping systems, fire protection, tankage and pumping equipment for your total fluid transfer needs

    Plumbing  |  Municipal  |  Industrial

  • Price Marketing, Inc.

    Product selection assistance, training and technical support to ensure long-term owner satisfaction

    Plumbing  |  Municipal  |  Industrial


Drains and Castings; Pipe, Valves, and Fittings in PVC; CPVC, Brass, Steel, and Copper; Sump, Effluent and Sewage Pumps and Controls; Booster Pump Systems


Water and Wastewater Pumps: Controls: Level Equipment: Storage Tanks


Process Pumps; Solids Handling Pumps; Self Priming Pumps; Boiler Condensate Pump Systems; Controls; Process Piping Systems; Storage Tanks

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